Custom Group Travel to Australia & New Zealand

Custom Group Travel to Australia & New Zealand – Your group, your way!

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Custom Group Tours

Do you have a special group of friends, family, colleagues or alumni that you would like to travel with to the wondrous countries of Australia & New Zealand? There’s no better way to travel then with those you know and like. You’ll find that many of these people have the same dream you do – to visit the land DownUnder. Why hold that dream off, let’s get you there this year?!
BONUS: The person who puts a group together (the group leader) will get a discount on their travel arrangements (based on group size). Contact YTC Travel for anitinerary quote today and get your group started on a memorable travel experience!

Custom Group Trip Defined

A group is defined as 10 or more adults (5-rooms) traveling on the same itinerary. Should part of your group want to leave early or arrive late for the trip, then this is definitely possible to do.  Travelers can depart from any US city and children are welcome. The larger the group size, the less each person pays.

Best time to visit Australia & New Zealand

In the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed to the USA. The best travel months are Nov. to Mar. offering the best weather. The Christmas & New Years’ time is the most popular and therefore the most expensive. For this time of year, you should be booking your group by April or May, at the latest, as room’s book up fast. When traveling other times of year, try to travel a min. of 5 to 6 months prior. Keep  in mind that the larger your group, the earlier we recommend you book as getting seat space on all the flights and hotel room space can be a challenge the larger the group size.

Your group trip quote includes:

  • A personalized itinerary quote designed to your group’s travel preference & budget
  • Custom webpage only for your group to help you promote the tour and share information with its members
  • Material such as postcards, emails, texts to advertise your group to the individuals you want invited. Late comers booking the group tour can be provided for.
  • Special experiences can be arranged such as birthday celebrations, anniversary or significant event – if you want to have a group experience (such as a unique meal at the Sydney Opera House kitchen), we can arrange that!

Your Australia New Zealand trip will include:

  • International & internal flight departing from each traveler’s US city
  • Private airport transfers to/from the airport
  • Hotel or Lodge accommodations. Rome type upgrades available
  • Daily breakfast as well as various additional meals can be added
  • Sightseeing excursions with your own personal guide/driver, wherever possible
  • Unique private experience can also be arranged (such as a picnic and hike or other)
  • A personal representative will be your point of contact once you are to Australia & New Zealand. They will be available to you, day or night, just a phone call away

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