Kangaroos/Koalas in Australia

Kangaroos/Koalas in Australia

Kangaroo feeding in Melbourne

One of the most memorable experiences is to touch/feed a Kangaroo or Wallaby (small sized Kangaroo) up close. Wildlife parks are found throughout Australia so there is no need to travel all the way to the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo – which will cost you a pretty penny if you have no plans to travel to Brisbane. While at a Wildlife Park you’ll see some of the Kangaroo type animals roaming free which you can touch and feed.

If one of your designs, while in Australia, is to hold a Koala that you will be hard pressed to find a park which will let you do so. In the last several years many parks have made it unlawful to hold a Koala other than the Koala handler. In some parks you’ll find the Koala handler will bring the Koala out to the audience and they will let you touch it. They believe that holding the Koala stresses them out so many have made this experience unlawful. One of the places you can Cuddle a Koala is the Kuranda Koala Gardens which you can visit while in Cairns.

Here’s a video of travelers (LykaKitty) visiting Philip Island, close to Melbourne, to feed some Kangaroos. See if you can spot the baby Kangaroo in the pouch?

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