New Zealand Travel Seasons

New Zealand Travel Seasons

When planning a trip to New Zealand, it’s important to take into consideration the temperatures during your vacation.

Travel Seasons to New Zealand:

Low Season Travel:
End of April to mid-June
Mid-July to end of August
Shoulder Season Travel:
End of Feb. to end of April
Mid-June to mid-July
End of August to beginning of December
High Season Travel:
Beginning of December to end of February

Climate: For the temperature averages in each city in New Zealand, log onto this website. In New Zealand the seasons as reversed with our winter being NZ’s summer. Higher altitudes are always cooler. The climate is maritime, which means that the weather can change with amazing rapidity, especially in the mountains. The North Island is sub-tropical with Summer temperatures averaging 75 to 54 degrees. The South is temperate with warmest months being December – February (average temp. 72 to 54 degrees) and the coldest are June -August. (average temp. 54 to 37). On the South Island, there exists a wetter climate on the west side of the mountains and a dryer climate on the east side. Here one can find some of the best skiing & snow boarding in the World, ski season usually runs from June to October.
Spring: (Sept – Nov): 48 – 66 F
Summer: (Dec – Feb): 55 – 75 F
Fall: (Mar – May): 50 – 70 F
Winter: (Jun – Aug): 45 – 61 F

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